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Too many folks go into hock this time of year when they try to impress their family members or friends by buying them gifts that are beyond their means. Even when the value of the gift is are within a person’s budget that does not necessarily warrant buying and giving it. You must bear in mind that these type of ‘gifts’ are material things, so do not make them out to be more important than they are.

As I grow older, it is apparent to me that there a lot of people who are not getting the attention they seek from their families, their friends, or their acquaintances. You can tell who they are by the way they dress, or by their haircut or by their behavior - everything screams out - NOTICE ME. My theory is that when families went from having a single wage earner to one in which both parents worked, although household income increased, the amount of time and attention given to their offspring was dramatically reduced- often at a very critical point in their children’s lives.

Whether out of some sense of guilt or some other motivator, parents began to try to make up for spending less time with their children by buying them the ‘things’ the children thought they could not live without. Little did they know what it was that they really craved - their parents love and attention, and they are now out in society still vying for their fair share of attention from anywhere they can get it.

Its the Holiday Season, so pay attention to those you know who may have a special need to be noticed. Give them the gifts that will resonate a lot loner than any material item you can buy at a store - the gifts of your time, your patience, your understanding and your love. . . . and do your best to acknowledge and connect with them from this point forward and not just during the Holiday Season, and I will try my best to do the same.


Once again we thank you for all of the opportunities you provided to Phyllis and I this past year, we greatly appreciate your patronage over the years. We wish you the most Wonderful Holiday Season and A Very Happy, Healthy and Peaceful New Year.

Sincerely, John A Casella

PS- Mom turned 97 this past Sept, still relatively healthy although a bit more hearing and visually impaired and suffering from the early stages of dementia, but she still has her appetite and a great smile and sense of humor when she has clarity. . . . Many thanks again to my wife, Nancy, who always provides me and many others with her extremely unique touch and overwhelming love and support. I am truly blessed.

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Looking to rent an apartment in Hunters Pt- Long Island CityWe charge a reasonable fee (equivalent to one months rent) which we are not afraid to advertise. This fee allows us to constantly canvass building owners for upcoming apartments, discuss and set realistic rental prices with them, escort prospective tenants to and from the various suitable listings, negotiate initial leases with the respective parties, and pay our office overhead. .... If you are searching for real rental value for your hard-earned dollar, give us a call, you will not be disappointed.

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Please proceed immediately with your search and if you do not find what you are looking for, please check again soon - our inventory is constantly changing. Thank you for your interest in our listings.

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